About App

General Description

8Upsell app has been created to help web store owners to promote and up-sell their products. Unlike different other ways to interest customer in additional purchases, such as the placement of “Relevant Products” or “Who Purchased This Also Bought” blocks on the product page or on the cart page, the app makes it much more efficiently. Customer often doesn’t pay attention to the mentioned blocks containing information about additional products. With a help of 8Upsell app your customer’s attention will be always attracted to such additional products in 100% of cases!

How it works?

When customer clicks on “Checkout” button on your web store, then appears simple and beautiful pop-up window which offers the last possibility to add relevant products to cart based on the contents of customers shopping cart. Customer can withdraw an offer and go over to the process of payment or add the product he is interested in to his order.

The products which can be offered to customer subject to the items in his shopping cart, you can adjust on the admin panel of 8Upsell app. The design of this pop-up window can be adjusted for any theme with a help of excellent insightful editor with online preview feature. You can adjust any element of pop-up window (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors and etc.) without any knowledge of CSS.

Click here to see the app in action on a live demo site. To do that on web store add any product in shopping cart and press the button “Checkout”.

Why this app is useful?

Just a few examples how 8Upsell app can help you to increase your sales:

  • Upsell general additional products: let’s imagine that you sell by retail different accessories for mobile phones on your web store. What is the most important thing that every mobile phone owner needs? Case for sure! Just to protect it! Why not install the app to upsell cases at the time of checkout to every customer as one last reminder?
  • Upsell specific additional products: just using the same case example, let’s envisage that your customer decides to buy new white earphones with Remote and Mic to listen to his favorite music – why not upsell him a bag for his new headphones? Or a brand new protective film on mobile phone to complete his set? You can set it up to upsell one or a variety of items at a time based on the items already in their shopping cart to provide your customers with the right of choice of what they really want and need right now.
  • Clean old list of products: do you have last year’s model which is scattered all over the store? Can’t get out of old inventory? Why not offer it at a clearance price during checkout to help move it off your box?
  • Run different promotions such as:
    • Buy One Get One Free
    • Buy One Get One 50% Off
    • Buy 3 Get One 75% Off
    • Buy 4 of Something Get One Free
    • Spend $100 Get One Free
    • … it’s only a few examples and the list is limited only by your needs and imagination!